Schoolcraft Power Train

Tractor Transmission Experience

Text Box: Tractor transmission seal systems and clutch design
Caterpillar D6RText Box: Courtesy Caterpillar, Inc.
Case 650Text Box: Ron works a Case 650 on his property near Martinsville
Case 580Text Box: Ron works a Case 580 while constructing his home

Ron also served Caterpillar Transmission Business Unit prior to establishing SPT. He was tapped to design new integral steering clutches for the D5M/D6M track-type tractor transmission and to recover lost schedule time. This was accomplished inside six months.












Operational Experience

Ron also has extensive operational experience with farm and construction equipment. This allows him to bring first-hand knowledge of user constraints and requirements for quality and performance to the design process.



Tractor Transmission Experience

Ronís extensive operational experience brings first-hand knowledge of user constraints and performance requirements to the design process.

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