This is the ultimate Performance Turbocharger for the GM 6.5 Liter Diesel engine.  This turbocharger allows the engine to breathe at higher engine speeds and greatly reduces exhaust gas temperature (EGT).  For performance built engines, this turbocharger can deliver enough air to make in excess of 25 psi boost pressure through 3600 rpm.  Click here for video clips of the gages while towing.

For stock compression ratio engines, steady boost pressures of 15 psi may be maintained through 3600 rpm for low EGT and improved performance.  The stock turbocharger simply cannot flow enough air at high engine speeds.

A compressor map for sea level standard conditions is shown below for comparison to a typical GM4 map.

This turbocharger has made high EGT and ECT things of the past.  Gone are the days of driving with one eye glued to the EGT gage and the other glued to the ECT gage.  The photos at right show some of the loads towed by this every-day-working Suburban which has accumulated around 90,000 miles with various versions of this turbo installed over the last four years. 

The top picture shows a John Deere 4020 and bush hog on a 12,000 lb. rated utility trailer being towed by the Suburban.  The gross trailer load was between 11,000 and 12,000 lb.  The load was hauled out I-74 westbound from Indianapolis on a 90° day.  The cruise was set on 72 mph for a comfortable haul.  This was physically impossible when the truck was in the stock configuration. 

The bottom picture was taken at The Diesel Page Pull-Off in 2006 just prior to a record breaking run for GM 6.5 powered trucks with an early prototype of the Power Flow Turbo.

SPT is currently developing a kit around this custom turbocharger and will have it available soon.  Check back often for updates and current status.

** Update  **       4/19/2010

SPT is now taking orders for the Power Flow Turbo.  The price for the turbocharger assembly only is $1,660.00.  This unit is being custom built from factory components and is not an off-the-shelf item.  We have recently made changes to the turbine side to improve spool-up and eliminate the need for special order parts from the UK.

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Power Flow Turbocharger

Prototype Power Flow Turbocharger

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Power Flow Turbocharger

Power Flow Turbocharger Mounted on Engine

Compressor Map for Power Flow Turbo—Sea Level

Sea Level Compressor Map of Power Flow Turbocharger

Compressor Map for Typical GM4—Sea Level

Seal Level Compressor Map of Tyical GM4 Clone
1995 Suburban K2500 6.5 TD Hauling John Deere 4020 and Bush Hog1995 Suburban K2500 6.5 TD Towing Wilderness 31G Travel Trailer1995 Suburban K2500 6.5 TD Towing Utility Trailer with 550 Gallon Water TankAt TDP Pull-Off 2006