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Once the critical features of the block and reciprocating assembly have been dimensionally optimized, the engines are assembled with the finest components available.  

As discussed on The Diesel, lowering the compression ratio provides an increase in durability by reducing the peak cylinder pressure and peak flame temperature.  The pistons used in these engines are Kennedy Diesel 18:1 compression ratio dished top pistons.  The crowns are ceramic coated to reduce heat transfer into the piston and the skirts are moly coated for improved lubrication and scuff resistance (see photo above).

Mahle rings are used except in the second ring groove.  The second groove receives Total Seal Gapless rings to improve compression sealing performance.  These rings are of two piece construction (see the photo at left) with an L-shaped cast primary ring and a steel secondary ring.

Cam timing is handled by the DSG Phaser Gear Drive for precise cam and injection timing over the long haul.  (see photo at left).

ARP studs are used to secure the cylinder heads to the block (see photo above) to provide reliable clamping pressure.  ARP studs are also used for the inner main fastener locations on all five main caps.  ARP bolts are used at the outer fastener locations for the center three splayed caps.  Stock main bolts are used at the outer locations on the front and rear main caps (see photo at left).

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